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2021-2022 Catalog
ART 4736C: Sculpture: Enlivened Spaces

Course Description for Sculpture: Enlivened Spaces

ART4736C: Sculpture: Enlivened Spaces
Prerequisite:  ART 3707C. The studio-based course provides the basic foundations for sculptural studies through a series of projects and creative inquiries. The projects foster a relationship between concept to process, and intention to outcomes. Basic sculptural languages will be explored, such as metaphor, narrative, metonymy, space, materiality, form, mass and scale. The interdisciplinary nature of contemporary sculptural practice is emphasized through projects which include but are not limited to collaboration, performance art, site-specific art, sound art, light art, and time-based art as well as exploratory application of traditional forms and methodologies. Some local travel will be involved to produce artwork on location. (A material fee of $115 will be assessed.)