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2022-2023 Catalog
ANT 3414: Principles of Socio Cultural Anthropology

Course Description for Principles of Socio Cultural Anthropology

ANT3414: Principles of Socio Cultural Anthropology

Description: This course introduces students to the study of sociocultural anthropology, one of the subfields of general anthropology. It presents students with the interpretive frameworks and concepts needed to understand the impact of groups and their cultures upon the individual. This course aims to show the ways in which local and global cultural processes intersect and questions understandings of culture as homogeneous and discrete. This course also gives examples of some of the ways in which anthropology can be used to address some of humanity's problems such as racism, sexism, growing economic inequality, development, globalization, displacement, and environmental troubles. Finally, this course aims to present anthropology as a discipline that by embracing a bottom-up perspective contributes to enhance self-understanding and dialogue across culturally and socially diverse publics.