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2021-2022 Catalog
AMH 3630: Environmental History of the United States

Course Description for Environmental History of the United States

AMH3630: Environmental History of the United States

Description: Focusing on the United States, this course explores the relationship between humans and Nature over time. In particular, we will consider the way that humans have changed Nature, how Nature has changed human lives, and the laws and institutions that have moderated such interactions. Scholars in this field are concerned with such things as deforestation, pollution, climate change, cities, farming, and “green” politics among other things. This is a course on human history, not natural history. As a relatively new field, environmental history allows us to pose important and/or well-worn historical questions in new ways, or to ask new questions about old historical topics. This will be a lecture based class, although we will draw upon discussions, films, and field trips. Students' learning will be assessed through quizzes, essays, a midterm, and a final.