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2021-2022 Catalog
AMH 3402: History of the Old South

Course Description for History of the Old South

AMH3402: History of the Old South
This course will introduce students to the history of the American South from the beginnings of European settlement in the early 17th century to the end of the Civil War. We will explore the various peoples that interacted in different parts of the South, including Native Americans, Africans, and British, French, and Spanish colonists. A central theme of the course will be the development of racial slavery in Britain's North American colonies. We will explore how and why this institution developed and seek to understand the experience of both slaveholders and enslaved people. We will also look in detail at the social and economic growth of the Southern colonies and their participation in the larger Anglo-American world. Students will examine how important movements and events in American history were created and experienced by Southerners, including the American Revolution, the Second Great Awakening, Jacksonian political battles, and the Market Revolution.