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2021-2022 Catalog
Professional Education Minor

Program Description for Professional Education

Minor: Professional Education

Minor: Professional Education (20 credits)

Students must earn a "C" grade or higher and an overall 2.5 GPA in the minor. Must get registration approval for all minor courses from College of Education. NOTICE: All field experiences require fingerprinting and background checks prior to placement in schools.

EDF1005 Intro to Teaching Profession (3 Credits)

EDF3151 Educational Psychology (3 Credits)

EDF3945 Field Laboratory I (2-4 Credits)

  • Must be taken concurrently with EDG 3323

EDG3323 The Learning Process (3 Credits)

EDF4444 Assessment of Learn/Behavior (3 Credits)

  • Prereq is EDG 3323

EDG4410 Classroom Managment Commun (3 Credits)

  • Prereqs:EDF 3151, EDF 3945

METHODS Select 1 Methods course:

Select a Methods course from the following list that pertains to your major:

  • ARE 4353 Teaching Art with Focus
  • LAE 4335 Spec. Methods: Second. Eng (prereq:EDF 3945) (Fall & Spring Only)
  • MAE 4330 Spec.Methods: Second.Math (prereqs:EDF3945 and EDG 3323) (Fall Only)
  • SSE 4384 Special Methods: Social Studies(prereq: EDF3945 and EDG 3323 (Fall & Spring only)
  • SCE4330 (prereq: EDF3945 & EDG 3323) (Fall only)
  • PET 3713 Special Methods: Cur. K8-K-12
  • FLE 4333 Special Methods: Foreign Language (Fall only)
  • EEX 4255 Curriculum & Inst: Learn.Except (Spring only)
  • HSC 3304 Instruct. Methods in Health Ed.
  • MUE 4311 Music Education Elementary School
  • MUE4330 Music Education Secondary School
    ***(NOTE: Music Majors should take both MUE 4311 & 4300)
  • RED 4333 Content Area Reading
  • RED 3310 Teaching reading as a Process