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2021-2022 Catalog
Leadership Minor

Program Description for Leadership

Minor: Leadership

Minor: Leadership (12 credits)

The Leadership Minor is available for all UNF undergraduate students, and allows students to distinguish themselves through personal, academic, and professional success. Students learn about the importance of leadership, and how to practice leadership approaches and skills to positively impact others. Through experiential learning, leadership prepares students to develop a deeper understanding of their personal values, leadership skills, strengths and goals, to frame the learning from their major coursework with the intentional study and practice of leadership. Students benefit from the opportunity to enhance their personal and professional life skills, building their motivation to be confident in striving for success in real workplace and community settings.

For more information go to and visit the Taylor Leadership Institute.
Students can complete the Leadership Minor in 4 semesters or less.
*A UNF GPA of 2.0 or higher is required for the Leadership Minor.

LDR3003 Introduction to Leadership (3 Credits)

CHOOSE 2 electives

Interdisciplinary Leadership Electives - Students should two appropriate leadership electives approved by TLI and faculty teaching the courses.

LDR4263 Leadership Practicum (3 Credits)