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2022-2023 Catalog
Disability Services Minor

Program Description for Disability Services

Minor: Disability Services

Minor: Disability Services (12 credits)

EEX3005 (CD) Intro to Disabilities (3 Credits)

EEX3070 Inclusion Ind.w/Dis (3 Credits)

EEX4753 Cooperative Consultation (3 Credits)

CHOOSE 1 of the following

  • EEX 4024 Disability Laws and Policies (3 Credits)
  • EEX 3754 Impact of Diasbilities on Families Schools and Communities (3 Credits)
  • EEX3004 Disab and Comm Supp Agencies (3 Credits)
  • EEX4479 Dis Employ Comm Engmt (3 Credits)