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2018-2019 Catalog
Data Science

Program Description for Data Science

Minor: Data Science

Minor: Data Science

Minor: Data Science (University-wide) (26.0 credits)
All coursework in the minor must be completed with a grade of 'C' or better.
Conditions for the minor:
1. At least 14 hours of upper-level coursework in the minor must be taken at UNF.
2. A "one repeat" rule is enforced. Students not completing prereq or required courses on the first attempt, including W, WP, or WF, will have only one chance to repeat the course.

STA3163 (GM)Statistical Methods I (4 Credits)

STA3164 (GM)Statistical Methods II (3 Credits)

STA4504 (GM) Categorical Data (3 Credits)

STA4202 (GM) Design of Experiments (3 Credits)

CAP4770 Data Mining (3 Credits)

SELECT-A Select one course:

COP2551 Object Oriented Programming (3 credits)
COP3503 Computer Science II (3 credits)

SELECT-B Select one course:

COP3530 Data Structures (4 credits)
COP3538 Data Structures using OOP (4 credits)

SELECT-C Select one course:

COP4720 Database Systems (3 credits)
COP4710 Data Modeling (3 credits)