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2021-2022 Catalog
Professional & Public Writing Minor

Program Description for Professional & Public Writing

Minor: Professional & Public Writing

Minor: Professional & Public Writing (15 credits)

The Department of English offers a minor in Professional and Public Writing to prepare students to write confidently and effectively in professional situations and for public and community action. Students can choose to focus on professional writing, where they analyze and produce genres required by employers; public writing, where they study and engage in meaningful social action through written and digital texts; or a combination of courses tailored to students' own interests.

  • Prerequisites: Three general education writing courses, or equivalents.
  • Requirements: Students taking a minor in Professional and Public Writing will complete five upper-level courses for a requirement of fifteen credit hours. With prior approval from the English department students may elect one writing course from another department All courses must be passed with a grade of C or higher.

ENC3310 (GW) Writing Prose (3 Credits)

SELECT 2 from Group A: Prof Writing

  • ENC 3250 Professional Communication (3 credits)
  • ENC 3212 Copyediting (3 credits)
  • ENC 4260 Applied Technical Writing (3 credits)
  • ENC 4403 Grant Writing (3 credits)
  • ENC 4930 Writing Internship (3 credits)

SELECT_ 2 from Group B:Public Writing

  • ENC 3375 Introduction to Fandom Studies (3 credits)
  • ENC 4331 Writing, Rhetoric and Community (3 credits)
  • ENC 4415 Rhetoric in the Digital Humnaities (3 credits)
  • ENC 4436 Writing as Social Action (3 credits)
  • ENC 4944 Digital Humanities Internship (3 credits)