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2020-2021 Catalog
Creative Writing Minor

Program Description for Creative Writing

Minor: Creative Writing

Minor: Creative Writing (15 credits)

In this program, students will develop their creative talents by analyzing the work of both canonical and non-canonical writers; understanding and imitating those writer's techniques and styles; developing and revising work for peer review; critiquing one another's work in workshop- style courses; and preparing work for submission to recognized journals and contests.
A grade of C or better is required for all minor courses.

CATEGORY A (3-6 Credits)

Students may choose at least one and up to two of the following:

  • CRW 2000 Intro to Creative Writing (3 credits)
  • CRW 2100 Intro to Fiction Writing (3 credits)
  • CRW 2201 Intro to Creative Non-Fiction (3 credits)
  • CRW 2300 Intro to Poetry Writing (3 credits)
  • CRW 2400 Intro to Playwriting (3 credits)
  • CRW 2600 Intro to Screenwriting (3 credits)
  • CRW 2930 Special Topics in Creative Writing (3 credits)

CATEGORY_ B (9-12 credits)

Students must choose at least two and may choose up to four of the following courses (each of which may be repeated for up to 9 credit hours):

  • CRW 3110 Fiction Workshop (3 credits)
  • CRW 3211 Creative Non-Fiction Workshop (3 credits)
  • CRW 3310 Poetry Workshop (3 credits)
  • CRW 3424 Playwrights' Project (3 credits)
  • CRW 3610 Screenwriting Workshop (3 credits)
  • CRW 4924 Adv. Creative Writing Seminar (3 credits)

Courses used in the English Major may not be used to satisfy requirements for the Creative Writing Minor. A minimum of 12 credits must be taken at UNF.