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2022-2023 Catalog
Culture and Philosophy Minor

Program Description for Culture and Philosophy

Minor: Culture and Philosophy

Minor: Culture and Philosophy (15 credits)

Of the total 15 hours for the minor, 12 must be upper level.
A minimum of 6 semester hours in philosophy must be taken at UNF.
6 semester hours may be transferred towards the minor.
A grade of C or better is required for all minor courses.
Germany Today, The Japanese Mind, and The Greek Experience can not be used as part of the philosophy minor.

PHI3800 Aesthetics (3 Credits)


  • PHI 3880 Philosophy of Film
  • PHI 3643 Ethics & Literature
  • PHI 3700 Philosophy of Religion
  • PHI 3881 Philosophy of Music
  • PHI 3930 ST: Philosophy
  • PHI 3931 East & West: ST
  • PHH 3811 Philosophy of Zen Buddism
  • PHM 3020 Philosophy of Love & Sex
  • PHP 3786 Existentialism
  • PHI 3684 The Art of Living