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2020-2021 Catalog
TSL 6325: TESOL Methods: Content Instruction

Course Description for TESOL Methods: Content Instruction

TSL6325: TESOL Methods: Content Instruction

Description: This course focuses on helping emergent bi-/multi-linguals construct meaning in classroom literacy and content-instruction activities in content areas in all grade-levels and beyond. In this course, candidates examine language teaching methods and models, and effective, integrative instructional practices in the teaching of content area subjects to the emergent bi-/multi-linguals. This course also explores curriculum standards, methods and practice of assessment for English language learners, including the in-depth discussion of language proficiency assessment, classroom-based assessment, and identification of English language learners; ESOL and special education; instructional design and classroom management appropriate for content specific classrooms in which emergent bi-/multi-linguals are participants. This course is required for all TESOL candidates. A minimum of 15 hours’ fieldwork and community service activities in ESOL/bi-/multi-lingual settings is required.