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2021-2022 Catalog
SOW 6948: Field Education IV & Integrative Seminar

Course Description for Field Education IV & Integrative Seminar

SOW6948: Field Education IV & Integrative Seminar

Description: Field education is integral to the education and professional socialization of social work students, providing a structured and supervised environment in which students demonstrate mastery of and the capacity to apply theoretical knowledge, test and refine practice skills, and adopt professional behaviors. This course provides students with an opportunity to refine advanced generalist practice skills. Students will utilize the seminar component of this course to address appropriate boundary setting and self-care associated with the development of clinical and administrative skills. The students will also demonstrate that they have matured professionally and are able to effectively utilize supervision, function within complex organizations, form collaborative relationships with clients and colleagues, and are able to articulate the role of a MSW within an organizational setting.