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2021-2022 Catalog
SDS 6466: Crisis/Disaster Management

Course Description for Crisis/Disaster Management

SDS6466: Crisis/Disaster Management

Description: This course is designed to explore student behavior that results in violent and aggressive actions. The development of violent tendencies is examined, including the medical/biological, psychological and social theories of aggression and violence. Candidates explore the current approaches to intervention with at-risk students, and discuss prevention strategies that can be implemented in regular, special education and inclusion classes in order to minimize the risk of violence. The legal issues involved are presented to help candidates understand the role of school personnel in minimizing risk to students and staff, and also intervening with those students in regular, special education and inclusion classes who are at-risk for violent and aggressive behavior. As part of the curriculum, each participant will develop a Crisis Intervention and Prevention Plan as a potential model that can be implemented within a school district/building.