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2021-2022 Catalog
SDS 6000: School and Family: Managing Student Behavior

Course Description for School and Family: Managing Student Behavior

SDS6000: School and Family: Managing Student Behavior
Prerequisite:  Admission to the SOAR program or permission of the instructor
Description: This course is designed to enhance the relationship between families/care givers and the school for the purpose of optimizing student behavior for classroom learning. It will give the students tools to use when working with families. In addition, students will learn effective ways to include family members as active contributors in their child's education and overall well being. Students will learn how to create collaborative teams that will include school personnel, families and other community agencies to promote student learning. The school counselor's role will be explored in managing classroom behavior when conducting classroom guidance and in helping teachers with strategies for managing students from various cultural backgrounds. The classroom environment and instructional activities that promote cognitive growth will be examined. This course will look at profiles and characteristics of students presenting potential and active behavior problems. Strategies for preventing and handling on-going behavioral problems are examined.