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2021-2022 Catalog
PHT 7845: Assistive Technology for Accessibility

Course Description for Assistive Technology for Accessibility

PHT7845: Assistive Technology for Accessibility

Description: This course is an experiential, service-learning course. DPT students will experience the unique opportunity of interacting with engineering students enrolled in EEL 4930/ EML 4930 learning to integrate engineering methods with rehabilitation principles to explore the design and development of adaptive and assistive devices that benefit people with developmental disabilities. Students will have real-world opportunities to work at the interface of people and technology, exposing them to challenging questions requiring complex interdisciplinary solutions. This course includes seminars where students will develop communication skills and a strong interaction with professionals in the community as well as pediatric clients and their families. Students will complete team-based projects that address problems faced by users of assistive technology in the community. Repeatablity: Students may earn a maximum of 3 credit hours for this course.