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2021-2022 Catalog
PHT 6606C: Foundations of Evidence-Based Practice

Course Description for Foundations of Evidence-Based Practice

PHT6606C: Foundations of Evidence-Based Practice
Prerequisite:  Successful completion of previous courses in the DPT curriculum This course presents an introduction to principles of clinical inquiry, specifically related to the development of clinically related questions and the process of answering the developed questions. Students are encouraged to compose questions in the context of contemporary health care and physical therapy. Topics covered include critical thinking, the process of reviewing scientific literature, an introduction to information searching, discussion of reliability and validity and the processes of scientific documentation. An introduction to research designs, research methods, and basic data analysis will be explored as well as an overview of experimental and non-experimental research designs. Critique of the scientific literature with application of the literature in evidence-based practice will be an element of all future clinical management courses.