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2019-2020 Catalog
PCB 6335C: Estuarine Ecology

Course Description for Estuarine Ecology

PCB6335C: Estuarine Ecology
Prerequisite:  Graduate status, PCB 3043C or equivalent Estuarine ecology involves an examination of the unique physical, chemical, & biological interactions within estuaries, emphasizing energy flow and nutrient cycles. The lecture portion of this course consists of two parts, a brief general introduction and overview followed by forays into specific areas of Estuarine Ecology. The introduction portion of the course is designed to bring graduate students with diverse backgrounds to the same point by the end of the semester with respect to basic Geological, Biological, Chemical, and Ecological principles relating to estuaries. The remainder of the course will examine specialized topics which are of current interest or which have played important roles in the development of the field. Students will be introduced to these advanced topics through guest lectures, scientific papers and field work. (A laboratory fee of $51.93 will be assessed.)