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2021-2022 Catalog
PAD 6173: Global Civil Society

Course Description for Global Civil Society

PAD6173: Global Civil Society

Description: There are no prerequisites for this course. There has been a substantial upsurge of privately organized, voluntary actions around the globe in recent times. This upsurge was due to an overall dissatisfaction with the operations of both the market and the state. A broad range of institutions that occupy the social space between the market and the state tackle most of our social, political and economic concerns these days. Known as “civil society”, “nonprofit sector” or the “third sector”, institutions within this sector combine private structures with public purposes to serve citizens. Due to their flexibility and potential to tap in extensive private support for public purposes they have become a powerful force that perform a number of critical functions, often in partnership with the state and the market. This course therefore explores the scope, structure, financing and the role of civil society globally and seeks evaluate its impact on global politics and policy making processes.