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2021-2022 Catalog
NGR 7974: Doctoral Project

Course Description for Doctoral Project

NGR7974: Doctoral Project
v. 1-6
Prerequisite:  Admission to the DNP program or permission of the instructor. In this course the doctoral student will identify, with advisor approval, a problem or question that requires a change in health care or educational services, clinical practices and/or policies that might be addressed in a particular leadership role. This problem should have relevance to current and emerging health care or educational issues. The result of the project will be a scholarly work, written at a doctoral level of complexity, dealing with the results of the evidence based analysis of the service, practice or policy examined. The analysis will be framed against national benchmarks to determine variances in practice outcomes and population trends. Focus is on dissemination of evaluative outcomes and implications for clinical practice to improve practice or patient outcomes.