NGR6510C: Diagnosis and Management of Psychiatric Conditions 1: Foundations of Practice for the Older Adult 3
Prerequisite:  NGR 6894, MHS 6430, NGR 6740, and NGR 6538
Co-requisite: NGR 6673, NGR 7871, and MHS 6070
Description: This course is a theory-based and practice introduction to Psychiatric/Mental Health advanced practice nursing. Theoretical frameworks for various types of psychotherapeutic interventions are included. The course focuses on elderly adults with complex psychiatric and mental health needs. There is discussion of primary, secondary and tertiary prevention, as well as a basic introduction to DSM-V, psychiatric diagnoses, and examination of practice. After the overview of the Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner role the course focuses on care of the older adult. This is a combined theory and clinical course requiring 90 hours of clinical with a licensed mental health professional. The course has 2 credit hours for class and 1 credit hour for lab.
Availability: One semester per year