EEX5767: Assistive and Instructional Tech for Students with Autism 3
This course is an overview of assistive/adaptive and instructional techology for children with autism and other developmental disabilities. Instructional Technology (IT) can be used by special educators to facilitate the delivery of instruction while Assistive/Adaptive Technology (AT) can be used to help students with autism spectrum disorders to function more independently in the classroom and beyond. The primary goal of this course is to familiarize students with existing technology (IT and AT) and the benefits it offers to individuals with various types of disabilities. A second goal is to teach students methods for evaluating the technology needs of individuals with disabilities and how to appropriately match individuals to appropriate technology. A third goal is for students to learn how to find and evaluate new technology using the internet and other resources. A final goal is for students to learn about federal and state legislation that is relevant to technology and ways to secure resources to fund technology in the classroom.