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2021-2022 Catalog
EDS 6050: Instructional Leadership (Instructional Leadership IV)

Course Description for Instructional Leadership (Instructional Leadership IV)

EDS6050: Instructional Leadership (Instructional Leadership IV)

Description: his course introduces students to the professional knowledge, theories, skills, and dispositions necessary to function as an instructional leader, with emphasis on the supervisory role. The course examines the roles and responsibilities of instructional leaders in the processes of leading effective teaching and learning. Special emphasis is given in this course to the development of knowledge and skills needed for school-based leader's effective assessment of instructional practices, instructional systems, and promoting professional development. Special attention is given to the process of mentoring, coaching, serving as a lead instructor, conducting meetings, and using a clinical development model. The course will include the review of evaluation documents for teachers and school leaders from a variety of levels and sources.