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2021-2022 Catalog
EDA 7979: Research Design Seminar 1: Advanced Methods

Course Description for Research Design Seminar 1: Advanced Methods

EDA7979: Research Design Seminar 1: Advanced Methods
v. 3-6
Prerequisite:  EDA 7400, EDA 7420 and EDA 7410
Description: This course includes advanced experiences in designing, conducting, reporting and critiquing quantitative and qualitative research. The aim is to work through the stages of designing a research study using a seminar/workshop format. The particular focus of this course will be on the design, utilization, and reporting of commonly used quantitative and qualitative techniques and methods in education. Specific multivariate quantitative techniques (e.g., multiple linear and logistic regression analysis, and factor analysis) and qualitative data collection and analysis methods (i.e., participant observation, interviews, document analysis, constant comparative method, etc.) relevant to students developing pilot research projects will be discussed.
Repeatability: This course may be repeated up to 12 credits.