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2021-2022 Catalog
EDA 7421: Research Design Seminar 2: Proposal Development

Course Description for Research Design Seminar 2: Proposal Development

EDA7421: Research Design Seminar 2: Proposal Development
rerequisite: EDA 7400, EDA 7410, EDA 7420, and EDA 7979
Description: The purpose of this course is to assist doctoral students prepare their dissertation proposals. The aim will be to work through the key stages of effective proposal writing process in a seminar/workshop format. Topics addressed include defining research questions, developing a theoretical/conceptual framework, synthesizing relevant literature, finalizing IRB protocols, utilizing the peer-review process, and other theoretical and methodological topics that are relevant to the task of proposal writing. Please note that some knowledge about framing problems of practice, synthesizing literature, and methods for collecting, coding, analyzing and interpreting data is presumed.