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2020-2021 Catalog
EDA 6945: Practicum in Educational Leadership

Course Description for Practicum in Educational Leadership

EDA6945: Practicum in Educational Leadership
v. 1-9
Prerequisite:  EDA 6061, EDA 6215, EDG 6625, EDS 6130, EDA 6196, EDA 6232, EDA 6242
Description: This course is designed for students who are in the Educational Leadership program for the master's degree. The selection of class section is made by the student and/or faculty based on course and program needs and/or student's employment interests. The students will have a supervised experience in educational leadership (or in the principalship). The course requires a minimum of 40 hours of field experience per credit hour, completion of the leadership practicum project, and seminars related to the role and responsibilities of the educational leader.
Repeatability: This course may be repeated up to a total of 9 credits.