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2020-2021 Catalog
COP 5819: Internet Programming

Course Description for Internet Programming

COP5819: Internet Programming
Prerequisite:  COP 3530 or COP 3538
Description: This course presents various approaches to building large enterprise systems to be deployed on the World Wide Web (WWW). Examples include, but are not limited to: classical multitiered, client-server, service-oriented, grid computing, utility computing, software as a service, smart clients, and web services. It also presents current development platforms (eg. J2EE, .NET), development frameworks (e.g. JSP-based, ASP-based), development environments (e.g. Eclipse), and related technologies (e.g. Tomcat JSP Container, Microsoft IIS Server)used to build and deploy such systems. Finally , it also discusses current trends in connection with relevant quality attributes these systems should exhibit, such as (but not limited to) security, privacy, reliability, mobility, and performance. A comprehensive software development project is used to apply covered concepts.