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2021-2022 Catalog
APK 6972: Thesis in Kinesiology and Lifestyle Medicine

Course Description for Thesis in Kinesiology and Lifestyle Medicine

APK6972: Thesis in Kinesiology and Lifestyle Medicine
v. 3-6
Prerequisite:  APK 6057 and APK 661C
Description: Students choosing to complete a thesis may do so over two semesters. The thesis project must be a hypothesis-based original research study or a hypothesis generating descriptive study utilizing a secondary data-analysis approach. The student must successfully complete HSC 6906 prior to enrolling in APK 6972. For the thesis option, students are required to submit a revised proposal (an update of the HSC 6906 proposal) for review and approval by the faculty adviser and chosen thesis committee one month prior to the beginning of the term. Students must meet with the faculty adviser periodically to discuss project progression. Graduation with a thesis is contingent upon the approval of the thesis committee. Thesis students will be required to present their final project to their faculty committee both orally (thesis defense) and in writing.
Repeatability: May be repeated two times or six credits may be taken simultaneously.