Major: Educational Leadership

Concentration: Athletic Administration
Degree: Master of Education
Prerequisites (3 credits)
SPM6008 Foundations of Sport Mgt (3 Credits)
Core Requirements (6 credits)
Minimum of B grades required
EDF6480 Foundations of Ed Research (3 Credits)
EDF6607 Education in America (3 Credits)
Major Requirements (30 credits)
"B" grade is required
SPM5206 Ethics and Issues in Sport (3 Credits)
SPM5308 Mkt and Promo in Sport (3 Credits)
SPM5506 Sport Finance (3 Credits)
SPM5605 Sport Gov and Compl (3 Credits)
SPM6106 Sport Facility and Risk Mgt (3 Credits)
EDS6130 Human Resource Deve in Educati (3 Credits)
EDA6232 Law and Ethics in Edu Lead (3 Credits)
EDA6191 Team Leadership (3 Credits)
EDG6285 Fundamentals of Program Eval (3 Credits)
SPB6946 Practicum in Ath Admin (3 Credits)