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2021-2022 Catalog
Exceptional Student Education (Master of Arts in Teaching)

Program Description for Exceptional Student Education

Major: Exceptional Student Education Degree: Master of Arts in Teaching

Major Requirements (21 credits)

EEX5053 Foundations Excep Ed and Serv (3 Credits)

EEX6256 Language for Learning Impaired (3 Credits)

EEX6XXX Literacy II for Students with

EEX5665 Classroom Management (3 Credits)

EEX5485 Math Sci Except Lrnrs (3 Credits)

TSL6325 TESOL: Content Instruction (3 Credits)

CHOOSE One of the Following

  • TSL6245 Linguistics (3 credits)
  • TSL6254 Applied Linguistics and Grammar for Educators (3 credits)

Practicum (9 credits)

EEX68XX Literacy Practicum in Exceptio

EEX68XX Practicum in Exceptional Stude