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2020-2021 Catalog
Sec Teach Ldr & Mentor Cert (Post-Baccalaureate Certificate)

Program Description for Sec Teach Ldr & Mentor Cert

Major: Sec Teach Ldr & Mentor Cert Degree: Post-Baccalaureate Certificate


  • At least three years of teaching experience and meets Graduate School requirementsThe courses for this certificate can be used towards a leadership master's degree. This allows candidates to seek a graduate degree of education at UNF upon completion. As a result, candidates should meet the application requirements of the Masters in Educational Leadership (concentration in Advanced Teaching and Learning). See /programs/Educational_Leadership.aspx

Certificate Requirements (15 credits)

EDG 6070 Tchr Thinking/Decision Making

EDF 6687 Found. Multicultural/Urban Ed

EDS 6050 Instructional Leadership

EDG 6325 Gened Comp. Models Teaching

EDG 6911 Action Research in Education