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2021-2022 Catalog
Educational Leadership (Specialist in Ed Leadership)

Program Description for Educational Leadership

Major: Educational Leadership Degree: Specialist in Ed Leadership

Major Requirements (33 credits)

EDA7190 Ldship for the Evolving Ldr (3 Credits)

EDA7192 Coll Lead Orgs and Comms (3 Credits)

EDA7193 Ed Ldrship for Change (3 Credits)

EDA7194 Seminar in Educational Policy (3 Credits)

EDA7262 Ed Leader III:Org Theory & Des (3 Credits)

EDA7400 Quant Mtds in Education (3 Credits)

EDA7410 Qual Mtds in Education (3 Credits)

EDA7420 Fnds of Research in Education (3 Credits)

EDF7215 Learning and Instruction (3 Credits)

EDF7545 Philosophy of Education (3 Credits)

EDF7635 Cultrl/Soc Foundation of Ed (3 Credits)

Culminating Experience (3 credits)

  • This course will consist of a student project supervised by graduate level faculty. The Doctoral Program Director will approve projects on a case by case basis

EDA7905 Individual Study and Research (1-3 Credits)