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2018-2019 Catalog
Educational Leadership (Doctor of Education)

Major: Educational Leadership Degree: Doctor of Education

Major Requirements (64 credits)

EDA7980 Doctoral Dissertation Research (1-12 Credits)

A minimum of 24 hours of dissertation is required.

EDA7190 Evolving Idea of the Ed Leader (3 Credits)

EDA7192 Leadership:Group/Team Context (3 Credits)

EDA7193 Ed Leadership Iv:Leadsp/Change (3 Credits)

EDA7194 Seminar in Educational Policy (3 Credits)

EDA7262 Ed Leader III:Org Theory & Des (3 Credits)

EDA7400 Research Ed Ld:Quantita Method (3 Credits)

EDA7410 Research Ed Ld:Qualita Method (3 Credits)

EDA7420 Foundations Research:Ed Leadsp (3 Credits)

EDA7421 Inquiry Into Rsch in Ed Leadsp (1 Credit)

EDA7945 Practicum:Leadership Assm/Deve (1-6 Credits)

Minimum of 3 hours required.

EDA7979 Research Seminar:Ed Leadership (3-6 Credits)

Minimum of 3 hours required.

EDF7215 Psy-Soc Aspects of Lrn & Instr (3 Credits)

EDF7545 Philosophy of Education (3 Credits)

EDF7635 Cultrl/Soc Foundation of Ed (3 Credits)

(12 credits)


12 hours of 6000-7000 level courses may be used for cognate. Courses must be within the same discipline. NOTE: Courses used in previous degree will not apply.