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2021-2022 Catalog
Educational Leadership (Doctor of Education)

Program Description for Educational Leadership

Major: Educational Leadership Degree: Doctor of Education

Major Requirements (51 credits)

EDA7980 Doctoral Dissertation Research (1-12 Credits)

A minimum of 12 hours of dissertation is required.

EDA7190 Ldship for the Evolving Ldr (3 Credits)

Evolving Leader

EDA7192 Coll Lead Orgs and Comms (3 Credits)

Organizations and Communities

EDA7193 Ed Ldrship for Change (3 Credits)

for Change

EDA7194 Seminar in Educational Policy (3 Credits)

EDA7400 Quant Mtds in Education (3 Credits)

EDA7410 Qual Mtds in Education (3 Credits)

EDA7420 Fnds of Research in Education (3 Credits)

EDA7421 Res Design Sem 2: Prop Develo (3 Credits)

Proposal Development

EDA7426 Aca Wrt Frame Prob of Prac (3 Credits)

Framing Problems of Practice

EDA7979 Res Design Sem 1: Adv Meths (3-6 Credits)

Advanced Methods

EDF7215 Learning and Instruction (3 Credits)

EDF7545 Philosophy of Education (3 Credits)

EDF7635 Cultrl/Soc Foundation of Ed (3 Credits)

Cognate (9 credits)


9 hours of 6000-7000 level courses may be used for cognate. Courses must be within the same discipline. NOTE: Courses used in previous degree will not apply.

Executive Track

Applicants for the EdD program in Educational Leadership with expertise in educational leadership and advanced professional development training may be eligible for the Executive Track. Applicants for the Executive Track may have between 3 to 9 credits waived from the 60 credit program requirement based on these professional development experiences. Each application to the Executive Track will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Students applying to the Executive track must submit a letter of request describing the professional development training. Additionally, materials about the content and scope of the professional development training and proof of completion need to be submitted for to the faculty to review. This must be done on application to the program, or by the end of the second semester of coursework.

The doctoral teaching faculty committee will review each application and determine if professional development training experiences are recent, relevant, and sufficient to waive program coursework. Only professional development completed within the last 4 years will be eligible for being used in the Executive track. However, these professional development experiences cannot serve as a waiver for any core program requirements but can count as waivers towards cognate course credits. Applicants accepted into the Executive Track programs of study will vary between 51 to 57 total credits. This includes completing between 39 and 45 credits of course work and 12 credits of dissertation.