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2021-2022 Catalog
Sport Management: Marketing (Bachelor of Science)

Program Description for Sport Management

Major: Sport Management Concentration: Marketing Degree: Bachelor of Science

Informational Text

The Online Sport Management Program with a concentration in Marketing. Students must have attained junior status before he/she can be admitted to the program (60 or more earned credit hours or an AA degree). The total number of credit hours for the degree remains unchanged at 120. The program is designed to provide students a comprehensive academic schedule and integrative experiences that keeps the cohort of students together throughout their two-years of coursework. In the cohort model, admission is limited to Fall semester and students will take all, or at least the majority, of their course work together. Our curriculum has been developed to allow students to combine a passion for sports with a strong background in sport management and marketing. Graduates will earn a Bachelor's degree in Sport Management with a concentration (minor) in Marketing - preparing them to meet the demands of the sport business industry.

Prerequisites (9 credits)

ACG2021 Prin of Financial Accounting (3 Credits)

ECO2013 Principles of Macroeconomics (3 Credits)

SPM2000 Intro to Spt Mgmt (3 Credits)

Major Requirements (30 credits)

PET3473 Communication in Sport (3 Credits)

PET3493 Issues in Sport (3 Credits)

PET4464 Sport Finance (3 Credits)

PET4476 Sport Law (3 Credits)

SPB3603 Diversity in Sport (3 Credits)

SPM3044 Governance and NCAA Compliance (3 Credits)

SPM3104 Sport Facility Management (3 Credits)

SPM3306 Sport Marketing (3 Credits)

SPM4516 Dev and Fund in Sport (3 Credits)

SPM4703 Sport Business Analytics (3 Credits)

Required Business (3 credits)

STA2023 (GM) Elem Statistics-Business (3 Credits)

Required Marketing (12 credits)

MAR3023 Principles of Marketing (3 Credits)

MAR4400 Professional Selling (3 Credits)

MAR4503 Consumer Behavior (3 Credits)

MAR4721 Digital Marketing Strategy (3 Credits)

Field Experience (15 credits)

SPM3948C Sport Management Practicum (3 Credits)

SPM4941 Sport Management Internship (12 Credits)