Major: Sport Management
Degree: Bachelor of Science
Prerequisites (6 credits)
ACG2021 Prin of Financial Accounting (3 Credits)
ECO2013 Principles of Macroeconomics (3 Credits)
Major Requirements (30 credits)
LDR4340 Res. Dev. Comm. Org. (3 Credits)
PET3473 Communication in Sport (3 Credits)
  • Offered Spring Only
PET3493 Issues in Sport (3 Credits)
  • Offered Fall Only
PET4401 Admin Physical Education/Sport (3 Credits)
  • Offered Fall/Spring/Summer
PET4464 Sport Finance (3 Credits)
  • Offered Fall Only
PET4476 Sport Law (3 Credits)
  • Offered Fall Only
SPM2000 Intro to Spt Mgmt (3 Credits)
  • Offered Fall/Spring/Summer
SPM3044 Governance and NCAA Compliance (3 Credits)
  • Offered Spring Only
SPM3104 Sport Facility Management (3 Credits)
  • Offered Summer Only
SPM3306 Sport Marketing (3 Credits)
  • Offered Spring Only
Required Business (15 credits)
ECO2023 Principles of Microeconomics (3 Credits)
MAN3025 Administrative Management (3 Credits)
MAN3504 Operations Management (3 Credits)
MAR3023 Principles of Marketing (3 Credits)
STA2023 (GM) Elem Statistics-Business (3 Credits)
Field Experience (15 credits)
SPM3948C Sport Management Practicum (3 Credits)
  • Offered Fall/Spring/Summer
SPM4941 Sport Management Internship (12 Credits)
  • Offered Fall/Spring/Summer
48 Upper Level Hours (48 credits)
To graduate with a Bachelor's degree from the College of Education and Human Services, you must earn a minimum of 48 upper level credits out of a minimum 120 degree applicable required credit hours.
48HOURS 48 upper level hours