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2021-2022 Catalog
ASL/English Interpreting: Community Interpreting (Bachelor of Science)

Program Description for ASL/English Interpreting

Major: ASL/English Interpreting Concentration: Community Interpreting Degree: Bachelor of Science

Informational Text

  • Policies:
  • Transferring ASL Classes: Students with ASL courses from another institution must be evaluated for appropriate placement (contact for information)
  • ENC 1101 Grade: If a 'B' or higher is not earned in ENC 1101 or its subsequent course, and additional writing course may be required
  • Field Experience: Transfer students who are admitted without 100 hours iof prior interpreting field experience will be required to take INT 2303 Interpreting Field Experience.

Prerequisites (27 credits)

  • Grade of B or higher is required in ASL2140, ASL2150, INT1000, and ENC1101.

ASL2140 American Sign Language I (4 Credits)

ASL2150 American Sign Language II (4 Credits)

ENC1101 (GW) Audience and Purpose (3 Credits)

INT1000 Introduction to Interpreting (3 Credits)

INT2010 Discourse Analysis (3 Credits)

INT2113 English to ASL Sight Translatn (3 Credits)

INT2204 Interpreting in Community Sett (3 Credits)

INT2303 Interpreting Field Experience (4 Credits)

Core Requirements (12 credits)

ASL3514 Deaf Culture (3 Credits)

ASL4131 American Sign Language III (3 Credits)

ASL4211 American Sign Language IV (3 Credits)

INT3011 Linguistics for Interpreters (3 Credits)

Major Requirements (48 credits)

ASL3226 Advanced ASL Proficiency (3 Credits)

INT3134 Applied Ethics in Interpreting (3 Credits)

INT3205 Cognitive Processing (3 Credits)

INT3270 Adv ASL Classifiers Interp (3 Credits)

INT3271 Interp. Consec. Dialogue (3 Credits)

INT3280 Mentor Cert Prep (3 Credits)

INT3950 (CD)Intro Serv Learning Interp (3 Credits)

INT3951 (CD)Serv Lrng Deaf Community (3 Credits)

INT4272 Interp. Simul. Dialogue (3 Credits)

INT4273 Interp. Simul. Monologue (3 Credits)

INT4404 Interpreting in Ed Settings (3 Credits)

INT4410 Interpreting for DeafBlind (3 Credits)

INT4455 Interpreting Diverse Pop (3 Credits)

INT4910 Research in Interpreting (3 Credits)

INT4947 Interp Pract Portfolio Pres (6 Credits)