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2021-2022 Catalog
Early Childhood Education: Prek-Primary Licensure (Bachelor of Arts in Education)

Program Description for Early Childhood Education

Major: Early Childhood Education Concentration: Prek-Primary Licensure Degree: Bachelor of Arts in Education

Prerequisites (3 credits)

Grade of "C" or higher required

EDF1005 Intro to Teaching Profession (3 Credits)

  • Acceptable substitute: EDFX005

Core Requirements (9 credits)

EDF3151 Educational Psychology (3 Credits)

EDF4444 Assessment of Learn/Behavior (3 Credits)

EDG4410 Classroom Managment Commun (3 Credits)

Internships (9 credits)

All degree course work must be completed satisfactorily before enrolling into internship, unless prior permission is obtained from the Curricular Area Director and the Department Chair. Students must have taken certification exams prior to beginning internship, unless an exception is made in consult with Curricular Area Director and advisor. Fall internship applications are due the 4th Friday of the previous spring term. Spring internship applications are due the 4th Friday of the previous fall term.

EEC4942 EC Student Internship (9 Credits)

Major Requirements (42 credits)

EEC3266 Program Planning Young Child (3 Credits)

EEC3731 Wellness & Move/Young Child (3 Credits)

EEC4054 Leadership and Service in EC (3 Credits)

EEC4207 Measure & Eval of Young Child (3 Credits)

EEC4213 Literacy in EC (3 Credits)

EEC4245 Social Studies in EC (3 Credits)

EEC4260 Teaching the Whole Child (3 Credits)

EEC4321 Teaching Math in EC (3 Credits)

EEC4323 Teaching Science in EC (3 Credits)

EEC4410 Global Community Engagement (3 Credits)

LAE3210 Foundations of Literacy (3 Credits)

SELECT One of the Following

  • EEX3202 Psychology/Sociology of Learners with Exceptionalities
  • EDG 4340 Teaching All Learners in a Differentiated P-6 Classroom

TSL3080 ESOL Foundations: Culture/Lang (3 Credits)

TSL4340 TESOL Methods and Curriculum (3 Credits)