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2022-2023 Catalog
Deaf Education (Bachelor of Arts in Education)

Program Description for Deaf Education

Major: Deaf Education Degree: Bachelor of Arts in Education

Prerequisites (14 credits)

A minimum "C" grade for all prerequisites is required.

ASL2140 American Sign Language I (4 Credits)

ASL2150 American Sign Language II (4 Credits)

ASL4131 American Sign Language III (3 Credits)

EDF1005 Intro to Teaching Profession (3 Credits)

Core Requirements (12 credits)

EEX4604 Clsrm and Beh Mgmt (3 Credits)


  • Select 9 credit hours from the following:
  • EHD 3941 Deaf Ed Field Practicum I
  • EHD 4940 Deaf Ed Field Practicum II
  • EHD 4270 Deaf Ed Field Practicum III
  • EHD 4943 Deaf Ed Service Learning Practicum (optional)

Major Requirements (36 credits)

EHD4013 Deafness and Diversity (3 Credits)

LAE3211 Literacy Instruct and Assessmt (3 Credits)

TSL3080 ESOL Foundations: Culture/Lang (3 Credits)

TSL4340 TESOL Methods and Curriculum (3 Credits)

LAE3210 Foundations of Literacy (3 Credits)

EHD4311 Psychology & Education Deaf (3 Credits)

EHD4261 Audiology Speech Science (3 Credits)

EHD4245 Lang. & Lit for DHH Students (3 Credits)

EHD4263 Teaching LSL DHH Student (3 Credits)

ASL4205 Teaching Bilingual DHH Student (3 Credits)

EHD4290 Diff Literacy DHH (3 Credits)

EHD4291 Curriculum & Instr. for DHH (3 Credits)

Internships (12 credits)

EHD4944 Deaf Education Internship (9 Credits)

EHD4942 Deaf Ed Literacy Practicum (3 Credits)