Major: Art Education
Concentration: Art Education (K-12)
Degree: Bachelor of Arts in Education
Prerequisites (27 credits)
A minimum "C" grade is required.
EDF1005 Intro to Teaching Profession (3 Credits)
  • Acceptable substitute: EDFX005
EDF2085 Intro to Diversity Educators (3 Credits)
  • Acceptable substitutes: EDFX085, EDG2701
EME2040 Intro to Tech for Educators (3 Credits)
  • Acceptable substitute: EMEX040
ARH2050 Art History Survey I (3 Credits)
  • Acceptable substitute: ARHX050
ARH2051 Art History Survey II (3 Credits)
  • Acceptable substitute: ARHX051
ART1201C Two-Dimensional Design (3 Credits)
  • Acceptable substitute: ARTX201
ART2203C Three-Dimensional Design (3 Credits)
  • Acceptable substitutes: ARTX203, ARTX202
ART1300C Drawing I (3 Credits)
  • Acceptable substitute: ARTX300
ART2301C Drawing II (3 Credits)
  • Acceptable substitutes: ARTX301, ARTX330, ARTX205, ARTX310, ARTX305
Additional Diversity (6 credits)
Select six semesters hours with an international or diversity focus. This requirement may be satisified by the completion of the general education or free elective requirements during the first sixty semester hours. Foreign language courses may be used to meet this requirement. See an academic advisor prior to enrolling in these courses.
  • CPO 3123 (FC) Pol/Soc of Britain & Ireland
  • CPO 4034 Third World Politics
  • ECO 3703 International Trade
  • ECO 4504 Public Finance
  • ECO 4723 International Monetary System
  • FIN 4604 International Finance
  • GEO 2420 CD-Cultural Geography
  • HSC 4141 Etiology: Addiction
  • HSC 4160 Human Dev Health Beh Adc
  • HSC 4563 Dimens: Hlth Older Adu
  • MAR 4156 International Marketing
  • MUH 2018 Evolution of Jazz
  • MUH 3055 (FC) Afr Am Mus Heritage
  • PET 4640 Adapted Phys Educ
  • PHH 3100 Ancient Philosophy
  • PHH 3120 (FC) Greek Experience
  • PHH 3400 Modern Philosophy
  • PHH 3500 19th Century Philosophy
  • PHH 3811 Philosophy/Zen Buddhism
  • PHH 4601 20th Century Cont Philosophy
  • PHH 3860 (FC) Japanese Mind
  • REL 2300 CD-Comparative Religion
  • REL 3145 Woman Relg Wst Exper
  • REL 3213 Hebrew Bible/Old Testament
  • REL 3310 Asian Religions
  • REL 3330 Religions of India
  • REL 3443 Liberation Theology
  • SOP 3742 CD-Pysch of Women
  • SYD 3700 CD-Race/Cult Minority or ANT/ASH/EUH/LAH/CLT/ENL/LIT/INR/CLP/EED/EEX/EHD/ ELD/EMR/SPA/ARH/FOL/FRE/FRT/FRW/JPN/LAS/SPN/SPT/SPW except ARH 3423, ARH 3470, ARH 3930, ARH 4710, ARH 4724, ARH 4800 and INR 4334.
Foundation (3 credits)
ART2500C Painting I (3 Credits)
Core Requirements (16 credits)
EDF3151 Educational Psychology (3 Credits)
EDF3945 Field Laboratory I (2-4 Credits)
EDF3946 Field Laboratory II (2-4 Credits)
EDG3323 The Learning Process (3 Credits)
EDF4444 Assessment of Learn/Behavior (3 Credits)
EDG4410 Classroom Managment Commun (3 Credits)
Major Requirements (31 credits)
ARE4353 Art Methods K-12 (4 Credits)
ARE4356 Tch Aesth, Crit, and Art Hist (3 Credits)
ART2400C Introduction to Printmaking (3 Credits)
ART3504C Painting III (3 Credits)
ART3707C Sculpture I (3 Credits)
ART3786C Ceramics (3 Credits)
ART4965C Fine Arts Portfolio (3 Credits)
PGY2401C Black and White Photography (3 Credits)
RED3333 Content Area Reading (3 Credits)
TSL4324 TESOL for Content Area Teacher (3 Credits)
Internships (12 credits)
All degree course work must be completed satisfactorily before enrolling in Internship. Fall internship applications are due the 4th Friday of the previous spring term. Spring internship applications are due the 4th Friday of the previous fall term.
EDE4943 Practicum II: Student Intern (12 Credits)
48 Upper Level Hours (48 credits)
To graduate with a Bachelor's degree from the College of Education and Human Services, you must earn a minimum of 48 upper level credits out of a minimum 120 degree applicable required credit hours.
48HOURS 48 upper level hours