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2021-2022 Catalog
Sacred Music Certificate (Undergraduate Certificate)

Program Description for Sacred Music Certificate

Major: Sacred Music Certificate Degree: Undergraduate Certificate

Certificate Requirements (15 credits)

Eligibility: Student in any major; non-degree seeking students
Courses in the certificate program require department permission for registration. Course registration priority will be given to students enrolled in the Bachelor of Music degree tracks.
Students who are non-music majors will be asked to take a music proficiency test before they begin the certificate. This test may be waived for students who have taken either MUT1011 (Fundamentals of Music) or MUT1111 (Theory 1). Based on the test, students may be asked to participate in a UNF music ensemble and/or take MUT1011 before starting the program to ensure they have an adequate background in reading music and basic music theory.

MUR3802 Sacred Music Ldrshp & Admin (3 Credits)

MUS3340 Computer MIDI Score (2 Credits)

MUR3721 Congregational Song (2 Credits)

MUR3302 Liturgical Planning (3 Credits)

MUE2410 Choral Tech for Inst (1 Credit)

MUNXXXX Ensemble


(3 Credits):

  • MUM 4613 Music Studio Recording Techniques (3 Credits)
  • MUM 3701 The Music Business (3 Credits)
  • MUM 2634 Digital Audio Production (3 Credits)
  • MUH 2501 World Music (3 Credits)