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2021-2022 Catalog
Joint Stat Analy Cert with SAS (Undergraduate Certificate)

Program Description for Joint Stat Analy Cert with SAS

Major: Joint Stat Analy Cert with SAS Degree: Undergraduate Certificate

Certificate Requirements (13 credits)

To be eligible for this certificate, students have to be enrolled at UNF and must complete all course pre- requisites before registering for any certificate courses.

  • To earn the certificate you must recieve at least a grade of C in each of the four required certificate courses.

STA3163 (GM)Statistical Methods I (4 Credits)

Prereq: MAC1105 or MAC1147

STA3164 (GM)Statistical Methods II (3 Credits)

Prereq: STA3163

STA4945 Statistics Capstone (3 Credits)

Prereq: Senior standing and permission of the department


  • STA 4853 Statistical Techniques for Time Series and forcasts (3 credits) Prereq: STA 3163 or ECO 3411
  • STA 4504 Categorical Data Analysis (3 credits) Prereq: STA 3163