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2021-2022 Catalog
Conducting Certificate (Undergraduate Certificate)

Program Description for Conducting Certificate

Major: Conducting Certificate Degree: Undergraduate Certificate

Certificate Requirements (12 credits)

Eligibility: Students in any music major Courses in this program require departmental permission for registration. Undergraduate students must get permission from the Director of the School of Music to register for graduate- level courses.

SELECT ONE from the following

  • MUG 4202 Advanced Choral Conducting (2 credits)
  • MUG 4302 Advanced Instrumental Conducting (2 credits)

SELECT ONE of the following courses

  • MUL4643 Choral Literature (3 credits)
  • MUG6256 Choral Conducting and Literature Seminar (2 credits)
  • MUL4550 Instrumental Literature (3 credits)
  • MUG6356 Instrumental Conducting and Literature Seminar (3 credits)

ENSEMBLE (2 Credits)

Students must take 2 credits of 3000-level large ensemble courses (MUN) beyond the ensemble requirements of their major. Students should consult the School of Music for specific MUN courses that may count toward this requirement.
ELECTIVES (0-6 CREDITS) Though not required, students who are pursuing this certificate should consider taking one or more of the following courses as part of their major electives:

  • MUE 2410 Choral Techniques (1 Credit)
  • MUG 6206 Applied Choral Conducting (2 Credits)
  • MUR 3802 Sacred Music Leadership and Administration (3 Credits) (Note: these courses will not be available every semester, and will require permission of the instructor.) major. These courses must be chosen in consultation with the Director of Choral Studies or the Director of Bands. One or both of these may be fulfilled by taking MUE2XXX (Conducting Lab Ensemble).

CHOOSE 5-6 credits of elective course

This requirement my be fulfilled by any of the courses list (including ensembles) and/or courses from the following list:

  • MUG4109 Applied Conducting (2 credits)
  • MUG4102 Conducting Intensive (3 credits)
  • MUG44401 Score Study and Preparation (1-3 credits)
  • MUL4701 Choral-Orchestral Masterworks (1-3 credits)
  • MUE2410 Choral Techniques for Instrumentalists (1 credit)
  • MUR3802 Sacred Music Leadership and Administration (3 credits)
    Some of the courses listed above are allowed to be taken more than once in order to meet the 5-6 credits of electives