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2021-2022 Catalog
Psychological Science (Master of Science)

Program Description for Psychological Science

Major: Psychological Science Degree: Master of Science

Prerequisites (12 credits)

Activity Code: BS/MS in Psychological Sciences
Applicants can apply for the accelerated BS/MS in Psychological Sciences during the Spring of their junior year (the Spring before they would begin the graduate- course sequence). Students must earn a 3.2 GPA in all major requirements to qualify for admission to the Master's degree in Psychology. No GRE score is required. Contact the Graduate Program Director for more information.
Students in the accelerated BS/MS in Psychological Sciences program will be using 10 credits from their undergraduate degree for their graduate requirements. These include: Research Design and Analysis I (PSY 6214: 3 credits); Colloquium (PSY 6937: 1 credit); Supervised Research (PSY 6910: 3 credits); Human Development (DEP 6055).


  • PSY 3213 Psychology Research Methods (3 credits)
  • PSY 3213L Research Methods Lab (1 credit)
  • STA 2014 Elementary Statistics (3 credits)


  • EAB 3013C Experimental Analysis Behavior/Lab (4 credits)
  • EXP 3461C Human Learning & Performance (4 credits)
  • EXP 3680C Experimental Cognitive Psychology (4 credits)
  • PSY 4302C Psychological Testing (4 credits)
  • SOP 3214C Experimental Social Psychology (4 credits)
  • EXP 3703C Computer Applications in Psychological Research (4 credits)


  • CLP 4143 Psychology of Abnormal Behavior (3 credits)
  • DEP 3054 Lifespan Development Psychology (3 credits)
  • EXP 3604 Cognitive Psychology (3 credits)
  • PPE 4003 Personality Theories (3 credits)
  • PSB 3002 Behavioral Neuroscience (3 credits)
  • SOP 3004 Social Psychology (3 credits)

Major Requirements (38 credits)

Grades of B or above are required in all courses.
A minimum of 38 semester hours are required for the degree (in addition to any necessary prerequisites).
All students must apply for graduation during registration for the last semester of courses at UNF. Deadlines are published online.
The record of any student who receives a grade of C or lower will be referred automatically to the graduate coordinator for review of the desirability of the student's continuation in the program.
Students in the accelerated BS/MS in Psychological Sciences program must complete these courses during the semester before transitioning to the MS program.

PSY6214 Research Design & Analysis I (3 Credits)

PSY6910 Supervised Research (3 Credits)

DEP6055 Human Development (3 Credits)

PSY6937 Collqum in Psychological Rsrch (1 Credit)

Students in the Accelerated BS/MS in Psychological Sciences program complete these courses after being accepted by the Graduate School as a MS graduate student.

PPE6466 Advanced Personality Theories (3 Credits)

EXP6506 Learning and Cognition (3 Credits)

PSB6031 Advanced Biopsychology (3 Credits)

PSY6217 Research Design & Analysis II (3 Credits)

SOP6069 Advanced Social Psychology (3 Credits)

PSY6971 Thesis A (3 Credits)

PSY6972 Thesis B (3 Credits)

PSY6973 Thesis C (1-6 Credits)

ELECTIVES (3 Credits)