Major: Social Work
Degree: Bachelor of Social Work
Prerequisites (15 credits)
Prior to being admitted to the BSW program, students must successfully complete 15 hours of state-mandated common prerequisites with a C or better. Select one course in each of the following disciplines (UNF course offerings are listed; equivalent courses from other institutions are also acceptable)
POS 2041 Intro to American Government
BIOLOGY Select one from list below
  • BSC 1005C Principles of Biology
  • BSC 2085C Anatomy & Physiology I
  • BSC 1010C General Biology I Acceptable substitutes: PCB x099
PSYCHOLOGY Select one from list below
  • PSY 2012 Introduction to Psychology Acceptable substitutes: PSY x020
SOCIOLOGY Select one from list below
  • SYG 2000 Introduction to Sociology Acceptable substitutes: SYG x010
ECONOMICS Select one from list below
  • ECO 2013 Principles of Macroeconomics
  • ECO 2023 Principles of Microeconomics Acceptable substitutes: ECO x000
Major Requirements (36 credits)
SOW3203 Social Welfare Institutions (3 Credits)
SOW4101 HBSE I (3 Credits)
SOW3293 Social Work Communication (3 Credits)
SOW3403 Social Work Research Methods (3 Credits)
SOW4302 SW w/ Indiv and Fam (3 Credits)
SOW4102 HBSE II (3 Credits)
SOW4323 Social Work with Groups (3 Credits)
SOW4322 SW w/Org and Com (3 Credits)
SOW4511 Field Education I (3 Credits)
SOW4522 Field Seminar I (3 Credits)
SOW4512 Field Education II (3 Credits)
SOW4523 Field Seminar II (3 Credits)
Social Work Diversity Requirement (6 credits)
  • SYD 3700 Race & Cultural Minorities
  • SYD 3800 Gender & Society
  • ANT 3212 Peoples & Cultures of the World
  • SOW 3620 Social Work with Diverse Groups
Major Electives (12 credits)
  • SOW 4122 Inside the Asylum
  • SOW 4654 Social Work with Children and Adolescents
  • SOW 4930 Special Topics in Social Work
  • SYA 4654 Evaluation Research/Program Analysis
  • SYO 3110 Sociology of Sexualities
  • SYO 4100 Sociology of Family
  • SYO 4400 Health, Illness, & Society
  • SYP 3570 Deviance & Social Control
  • SYP 4730 Sociology of Aging
  • CJC 3410 Methods of Offender Treatment
  • CCJ 4681 Family Violence
  • CJJ 3010 Juvenile Delinquency & Juvenile Justice
Free Electives (6 credits)
This degree requires a minimum of 120 total hours with 48 upper (3000/4000) level hours. Free electives may be courses in any discipline (provided the required prerequisites are met) and they are the hours needed to satisfy the total hour requirement. These hours may vary (consult your advisor about free elective hours needed to graduate).