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2020-2021 Catalog
Fine Arts: Graphic Design & Digital Media (Bachelor of Fine Arts)

Program Description for Fine Arts

Major: Fine Arts Concentration: Graphic Design & Digital Media Degree: Bachelor of Fine Arts

Prerequisites (24 credits)

Grades of C or above required in all prerequisites.

ART1300C Drawing I (3 Credits)

ART2301C Drawing II (3 Credits)

ART1201C Two-Dimensional Design (3 Credits)

ART2203C Three-Dimensional Design (3 Credits)

ARH2050 Art History Survey I (3 Credits)

ARH2051 Art History Survey II (3 Credits)

ART2605C Basic Computer Images (3 Credits)

GRA2190C Introduction to Graphic Design (3 Credits)

Prereqs: ART 2605C, ART 1300C, ART 2301C, ART 1201C & ART 2203C
(Apply to Limited Access Program)

Major Requirements (42 credits)

Grades of C or above required in all major requirements and major electives.
Students may not enroll in 3000/4000 level major requirements or major electives until after they have successfully completed the portfolio review and been selected for the major.
Prerequisite policy: Courses must be taken in prerequisite order. Please check the catalog course description section for prerequisites required for major courses prior to registering. If a course is a prerequisite for another, the courses may not be taken at the same time. Prerequisites are strictly enforced by the faculty and registrar.
First day attendance rule: Any student who misses the first day without advance notice to the department chairperson will be administratively withdrawn from that course.

PGY1800C Digital Photography for Design (3 Credits)

Prereq: ART 2605C

GRA2203C Prepress Production (3 Credits)

Prereq: GRA 2190C

GRA3880C Illustration (3 Credits)

Prereq: GRA 2190C

ARH4724 Graphic Design History (3 Credits)

GRA3183C Typography Studio (3 Credits)

Prereqs: GRA 2190C

GRA3833C Motion Graphics (3 Credits)

Prereqs: PGY 1800C & GRA 3880C

GRA3523C Introduction to Web Design (3 Credits)

Prereqs: PGY 1800C & GRA 3880C

GRA3118C Publication Design (3 Credits)

Prereqs: GRA 3183C & GRA 2203C

GRA3512C Corporate Identity (3 Credits)

Prereqs: GRA 3183C & GRA 2203C

GRA4137C Advanced Web Design (3 Credits)

Prereq: GRA 3523C

GRA4186C Senior Design Studio (3 Credits)

Prereqs: GRA 3183C & GRA 3512C

GRA4423 Business of Graphic Design (3 Credits)

Prereqs: Senior Status & GRA 3512C

GRA4189C Graphic Design Portfolio (3 Credits)

Prereqs: Senior Status & GRA 4186C


  • ARH

Major Electives (12 credits)

Note: Students may not take any independent study courses in any Fine Arts area without prior, written approval of the department chairperson.

SELECT 4 COURSES (3000/4000) FROM: