Major: Psychology

Degree: Bachelor of Arts
Prerequisites (12 credits)
Requires grades of C or above.
PSY2012 Introduction to Psychology (3 Credits)
  • BSC1010C or BSC1005C
    Acceptable substitutes: BSCX20X or ZOOX010
Select One Statistics Course
  • STA
Foundation (5 credits)
All Bachelor of Arts students must have completed PSY 3214 and PSY 3213L with grades of C or better.
PSY3021 Prof Opportunities in PSYC (1 Credit)
    Pre-Requisite: PSY2012- Introduction to Psychology
Prereq: Elementary Statistics
  • PSY 3213 Research Methods in Psychology (3 credits)
  • PSY 3213L Research Methods Lab (1 credit)
Experimental Courses (4 credits)
PSY3213-Research Methods & PSY3213L-Research Methods Lab, must be completed with a grade of C or better before attempting the experimental courses. Effective Fall 2015, the additional pre-requisites listed below will be required. Please see your academic advisor for more information.
  • EAB 3013C Experimental Analysis of Behavior/Lab
    • Pre-Requisite: EXP3412- Learning Theory
  • EXP 3680C Experimental Cognitive Psychology
    • Pre-Requisite: EXP3604- Cognitive Psychology
  • EXP 3703C Computer Applications in Psych Research
  • EXP 3461C Human Learning and Performance
    • Pre-Requisite: EXP3412-Learning Theory
  • PSY 4302C Psychological Testing
    • Pre-Requisite: one of the following: CLP4143-Abnormal Psychology, DEP3054-Lifespan Developmental Psychology or PPE4003-Theories of Personality
  • SOP 3214C Experimental Social Psychology
    • Pre-Requisite: SOP3004-Social Psychology
  • EXP 4252C Human Factors and Ergonomics
    • Pre-Requisite: EXP3604-Cognitive Psychology
Major Requirements (15 credits)
  • CBH 3004 Comparative Psychology (3 credits)
    • Pre-Requisite: PSY2012- Introduction to Psychology
  • CLP 4143 Psychology of Abnormal Behavior (3 credits)
    • Pre-Requisite: PSY2012- Introduction to Psychology
  • DEP 3054 Lifespan Developmental Psychology (3 credits)
    • Pre-Requisite: PSY2012- Introduction to Psychology
  • EXP 3412 Learning Theory (3 credits)
  • EXP 3604 Cognitive Psychology (3 credits)
    • Pre-Requisite: PSY2012- Introduction to Psychology
  • EXP 3104 Human Sensory Perception (3 credits)
    • Pre-Requisite: PSY2012- Introduction to Psychology
  • PPE 4003 Theories of Personality (3 credits)
    • Pre-Requisite: PSY2012- Introduction to Psychology
  • PSB 3002 Behavioral Neuroscience (3 credits)
    • Pre-Requisite: Human Anatomy & Physiology, Zoology, or General Biology with laboratory.
  • PSY 4604 History of Psychology (3 credits)
    • Pre-Requisites: PSY2012- Introduction to Psychology and either Junior or Senior status or permission of instructor.
  • SOP 3004 Social Psychology (3 credits)
Major Electives (9 credits)
A maximum of 3 hours of honors research may count for both honors in the major and the major electives area. A total of 3 hours in any combination of Directed Individual Study, Supervised Research, Honors Research, or Practicum may be used as major elective credits. Additional hours of these courses may be taken and used in honors in the major and/or as free elective credits. See your advisor for details.Note: Additional hours taken beyond the requirement for the Major Requirements Area may be used.
SELECT 9 HOURS (3000/4000)
of Psychology Department Courses.
  • CLP4134- Childhood Psychopathology (3 credits)
    • Pre-requisite: CLP4143- Abnormal Psychology
  • CLP4313: Health Psychology (3 credits)
    DEP4060- Applied Developmental Psychology (3 credits)
    • Pre-Requisite: DEP3054- Lifespan Developmental Psychology
  • DEP4104- Advanced Child Psychology (3 credits)
    • Pre-Requisite:DEP3054- Lifespan Developmental Psychology
  • DEP4304- Advanced Adolescent Psychology (3 credits)
    • Pre-Requisite: DEP3054- Lifespan Developmental Psychology
  • DEP4464- Psychology of Aging (3 credits)
    • Pre-Requisite: PSY2012- Introduction to Psychology or consent of the instructor.
  • DEP4482- Death and Dying (3 credits)
    • Pre-Requisite: DEP3054- Lifespan Developmental Psychology
  • EAB4703- Behavior Modification (3 credits)
    • Pre-Requisite: EXP3412- Learning Theory
  • INP4004- Industrial Organizational Psychology (3 credits)
    • Pre-Requisite: SOP3004- Social Psychology
  • PCO4004- Introduction to Counseling (3 credits)
    • Pre-Requisites: DEP3054- Lifespan Developmental Psychology and either CLP4143- Abnormal Psychology or PPE4003- Theories of Personality
  • PSB4113-Principles of Biofeedback (3 credits)
  • PSY3810- Evolutionary Psychology (3 credits)
  • PSY3911- Supervised Research (1-3 credits)
    • Pre-Requisite: PSY3213- Research Methods
  • PSY4904- (GW) Honors Research (3 credits)
    • Pre-Requisites: Admission to the Honors in Psychology Program, PSY3213- Research Methods, and one experimental course.
  • PSY4906- Directed Individual Study (1-3 credits)
    • Pre-Requisites: 15 core hours in psychology.
  • PSY4935- Special Topics in Psychology (3 credits)
  • PSY4945- Practicum in Applied Psychology (1-3 credits)
  • SOP3515- Fundamentals of Conflict Transformation (3 credits)
  • SOP3732- Culture and Psychology (3 credits)
    • Pre-Requisite: PSY2012- Introduction to Psychology
  • SOP3742- (CD) Psychology of Women (3 credits)
  • SOP3751- Psychology and the Law (3 credits)
Minor Required
A minor is required for this major.*
The minor must be selected from the list of approved minors, including those outside the college of the major.
See List of Minors in the Undergraduate Catalog.
Minors are generally completed during the last 60 hrs of your program. Your minor may require prerequisites, so choosing a minor early is beneficial. See your Advisor to declare a minor.
*(Double majors are exempt from the minor requirement).
Foreign Language/Foreign Cultures
Foreign Language (8 CHs)/Foreign Culture Requirement (6 CHs): All BA students in the College of Arts and Sciences are required to complete either (i) the Foreign Language option or (ii) the Foreign Culture option, in either case with grades of C or higher.
  • Select one two-course sequence of Spanish, French, Chinese, German, Japanese, Latin, Russian, or American Sign Language.
  • The first course in each of the two-course sequences is typically offered in the fall; the second course in each of the two-course sequences is typically offered in the spring.
  • To determine whether to enroll in the first or the second course of the two-course French or Spanish sequences, incoming students with prior experience in French or Spanish must take a placement exam. Students who place above the beginning level will satisfy the Foreign Language option by earning a "C" or better in the second French or second Spanish course into which they have placed.
  • Students who complete a 3000-level French or Spanish course with a "C" or above have demonstrated the mastery that is required in the two-course French or Spanish sequence and may request retroactive credit for the sequence. The retroactive credit will either be 3 or 6 credits, depending on their placement following the exam.
  • This policy applies to Chinese as well, placement being determined by the professor of the program.
FC Foreign Culture Option
  • Students who successfully completed 2 years of foreign language in high school have the option of taking 6 hours of foreign culture courses instead of 8 hours of college level foreign language.
  • Foreign cultures contain (FC) in the course title.
  • A complete list of foreign culture courses can be found in the Arts & Sciences Advising Office.
48 Upper Level Hours (48 credits)
In order to qualify to graduate with a Bachelor's degree from the College of Arts and Sciences you must earn a minimum of 48 upper level credits out of the total 120 degree applicable required credit hours. Upper level courses are numbered from 3000 - 4999. Dual Degree and Double Majors should consult their Advisor.
48 HOURS 48 upper level hours