Major: International Studies

Concentration: European Studies
Degree: Bachelor of Arts
Foundation (3 credits)
INR 2002 Introduction to International Relations and CPO 2002 Introduction to Compartative Politics are not prerequisites to the major itself, but are the respective prerequisites for INR4603 International Relations: Frameworks of Analysis and CPO 4014 Comparative Politics: Frameworks for Analysis, one of which students must take as a major requirement.
  • INR 2002 Introduction to International Relations (3 Credits)
  • CPO 2002 Introduction to Comparative Politics (3 Credits)

  • No more than 12 upper level credit hours toward this major can be used to complete another major or minor.
Requisites (14 credits)
Requires grades of C or above. Students in this major must demonstrate competency at the intermediate level in a spoken language other than English. This requirement is usually met by completing the intermediate-level course sequence (Intermediate I and II) in Chinese, French or Spanish, which are the three languages taught consistently at UNF through the intermediate level. Other options are available, however, including for those with existing proficiency. For the full policy on this requirement, see
Major Requirements (21 credits)
Requires grades of C or above.
INS3003 Intro to International Studies
ANT3212 (CD)(FC)Peoples/Cultures World (3 Credits)
ECO3701 CD-Contemporary Intl Eco (3 Credits)
GEO3553 Cultural Dimensions of Eco Geo (3 Credits)
  • CPO 4014 Comparative Politics: Frameworks for Analysis (3 Credits)
    Prereq: CPO 2002
  • INR 4603 International Relations: Frameworks of Analysis (3 Credits)
    Prereq: INR 2002
  • ANT 4083 Quantitative Methods in Anthropology (3 credits)
  • ANT 4497 Ethnographic Methods (3 credits)
  • HIS 3051 The Craft of the Historian (3 credits)
  • POS 3733 Research Design for Political Scientists (3 Credits)
  • GIS 3043 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems (3 Credits)
INS4930 International Studies Sr. Sem
Prereqs: Senior standing and satisfactory completion of INS3003 Introduction to International Studies and the program's core courses: ANT3212, ECO3701, GEO3553, CPO4014 or INR4603, and ANT4083 or ANT4497 or HIS3051 or POS3733 or GIS3043
International Educational Experience
Students in this major must complete an international educational experience that involves at least three hours of academic credit. This requirement is usually met through the participation in a study abroad program or an internship with an international focus. All activities must be approved in advance by the program director. Completion of this requirement is marked on a student's transcript through registration in the 0-credit course INS 3950 during the semester of the activity in question. For the full policy on this requirement, see
INR3950 Int'l Educ Experience (0 Credits)
International Ed. Experience
A. Successful completion of an UNF sponsored study abroad program.
B. Successful completion of another university sponsored study abroad program.
C. Successful completion of a student exchange program abroad.
D. Successful completion of a language study abroad program.
E. Successful completion of an internship program abroad.
F. Successful completion of a United States based international experience.
G. Successful completion of a military duty abroad (UNF ROTC / Veteran / Active)
Major Electives (12 credits)
Thematic or regional studies area.
For additional courses check the list in the COAS Advising Office each semester.
  • ARH 3211 Early Medieval Art and Architecture (3 credits)
  • ARH 3250 Romanesque Art and Architecture (3 credits)
  • ARH 3253 Gothic Art and Architecture (3 credits)
  • ARH 3302 Italian Renaissance Art (3 credits)
  • ARH 3319 Art and Architecture of Michelangelo (3 credits)
  • ARH 3331 Nothern Renaissance Art (3 credits)
  • ARH 3350 Baroque Art (3 credits)
  • ARH 3354 Rubens to Rembrandt: Netherlandish Baroque Art (3 credits)
  • ARH 3404 British Art: Hogarth to Hirst (3 credits)
  • ARH 3410 Modern European Art I (3 credits)
  • ARH 3434 Modern European Art II (3 credits)
  • ARH 3453 Post War Art: 1940-1980 (3 credits)
  • ARH 3475 Contemporary Art: 1980 to Present (3 credits)
  • ARH 3883 The Apocalypse in Medieval and Early Modern Art (3 credits)
  • ARH 3843 Studies in Irish Art and Architecture (3 credits)
  • ARH 3955 Art History on Site (3 credits)
  • CPO 3123 Politics & Society in Britain & Ireland (3 credits)
  • CPO 3151 Politics & Society in France (3 credits)
  • CPO 3643 Politics & Society in Russia (3 credits)
  • ECS 3303 Current Issues in the Econ of EU (3 credits)
  • ENL 3132 History of the Later British Novel (3 credits)
  • ENL 3203 Old English (3 credits)
  • ENL 3333 Shakespeare (3 credits)
  • ENL 3501 Periods of Early British Literature (3 credits)
  • ENL 3503 Periods of Later British Literature (3 credits)
  • ENL 4210 Studies in Medieval Literature (3 credits)
  • ENL 4420 Studies in Renaissance Literature (3 credits)
  • ENL 4230 Topics in Restoration and 18th Century British Literature (3 credits)
  • ENL 4240 Studies in British Romantic Literature (3 credits)
  • ENL 4251 Studies in Victorian Literature (3 credits)
  • EUH 3205 19th Century Europe (3 credits)
  • EUH 3206 20th Century Europe (3 credits)
  • EUH 3241 The Holocaust (3 credits)
  • EUH 3320 Eastern Europe (3 credits)
  • EUH 3451 France Since 1789 (3 credits)
  • EUH 3462 Modern Germany (3 credits)
  • EUH 3465 Nazi Germany: Power, Society & War in Hitler's Reich (3 credits)
  • EUH 3466 Germany Today (3 credits)
  • EUH 3530 History of British Empire (3 credits)
  • EUH 3575 Imperial Russia (3 credits)
  • EUH 3576 Russia Since 1905 (3 credits)
  • EUH 3580 Russian Thought & Culture (3 credits)
  • EUH 3932 Selected Topics: European History (3 credits)
  • EUH 4294 Seminar: Modern Europe (3 credits)
  • FRE 3350 Reading French Lit and Culture (3 credits)
  • FRE 3502 French and Francophone Cultures (3 credits)
  • FRE 4501 France Today (3 credits)
  • INS 4941 International Studies Internship (3 credits)
Minor Required
A minor is required for this major.* (Credits will vary)
The minor must be selected from the list of approved minors, including those outside the college of the major.
See List of Minors in the Undergraduate Catalog. Minors are generally completed during the last 60 credit hours of your program. Your minor may require prerequisites, so choosing a minor early is beneficial. See your Advisor to declare a minor.
*(Double majors are exempt from a minor.)