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2018-2019 Past Catalog
2020-2021 Catalog
Higher Education Admin.: International Programs (Master of Science)

Program Description for Higher Education Admin.

Major: Higher Education Admin. Concentration: International Programs Degree: Master of Science

Core Requirements (6 credits)

EDH6069 Foundations of Higher Ed (3 Credits)

EDF6480 Foundations of Ed Research (3 Credits)

Major Requirements (18 credits)

EDH6405 Higher Education Law (3 Credits)

EDH6505 Higher Education Finance (3 Credits)

EDH6401 Higher Education Policy (3 Credits)

EDH6635 Org and Leadershp in Higher Ed (3 Credits)

SDS6646 Foundations of Student Affairs (3 Credits)

SDS6700 Diversity in Higher Ed. (3 Credits)

Major Electives (12 credits)

EDH6058 Comp Higher Ed (3 Credits)

EDH6946 Practicum in Higher Ed. Admin. (3 Credits)

EDH6250 Study Abroad HEA (3 Credits)

  • Must be completed in UNF or other institutional International center; any approved elective if waived for previous full-time employment in international center

SELECT 3 hours - consult with faculty