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2013-2014 Past Catalog
2021-2022 Catalog
Information Science Minor

Program Description for Information Science

Minor: Information Science

Minor: Information Science (26 credits)

Minor: Information Science
All coursework in the minor must be completed with a grade of 'C' or better.
Conditions for the minor:
1. This minor is not available for majors in Computing and Information Sciences.
2. At least 14 hours of upper-level coursework in the minor must be taken at UNF.
3. A "one repeat" rule is enforced. Students not completing a CIS prereq or core requirement on the first attempt, including W, WP, or WF, will have only one chance to repeat the course.

InfoSci Prerequisites

InfoSci Minor Prerequisites: (9.0 hours)

CGS1570 Microcomputer Applica Software (3 Credits)

COP2551 Introduction to OO Programming (3 Credits)

COP2010 Intro to Visual Proc Prog (3 Credits)

InfoSci Minor Requirements

InfoSci Minor Requirements: (17.0 hours)
(Note: COT3100 has a pre-req of MAC2311 or MAC2233.)

COT3100 Computational Structures (3 Credits)

COP3538 Data Structures Using OOP (4 Credits)

(COP3540 was renumbered Fall 2011)

COP3855 Web Access and System Design (4 Credits)

COP4720 Database Systems (3 Credits)

SELECT one of the following:

  • CNT 4504 Comp Networks & Distributed Processing
  • COP 4813 Internet Programming